Triple Challenge
Three times the fun

For multi-sport zealots who are looking for the ultimate Transamerica Chicago Triathlon experience and are ready to go the distance, we offer the Triple Challenge. Officially launched in 2007, the Triple Challenge offers a limited number of triathletes the opportunity to register and compete in three events in a single weekend — for a total of 59 miles that includes 1.63 miles in the water, 46.3 miles on the bike and 10.85 miles on the run.

Participants race three separate event distances during the weekend, starting with the Chicago Triathlon SuperSprint on Saturday.

On Sunday, Triple participants start in one of the first International distance waves (approx. 6:00 a.m.). It is recommended that athletes are able to finish this distance within 3 hours and 15 minutes to ensure adequate time to prepare for the Sprint.

Once finishing the International race, participants have two options to consider before starting the Sprint race (approx. 10:15 a.m.):

  1. Ride the Transamerica Trolley from the corner of Columbus and Balbo. Round trip shuttles will drop you near transition (Monroe and Lake Shore Drive) for easy access. You will have special access to re-enter transition between your International and Sprint races. You will then need to drop your run shoes/hat/glasses/etc, grab your swim gear and walk the 1/2 mile back to the swim start.
  2. Skip transition and return directly to the swim start area. A special swim valet service will again be provided to all Triple Challenge participants. Following your International race swim, event staff will transport your wetsuit, goggles, swim cap, etc. back to the swim start using special bags. You can then swap-out your current run gear with the swim gear (using the same valet bag, which will then be transported to the finish line). If you utilize this service, you will need to bring a second set of running shoes/hat/glasses/etc.

Program Details

  • The Triple Challenge sells out year after year. The 2017 version will be limited to 175 participants.
  • Participants who attempt to register for all three races separately WILL NOT be eligible for the Triple Challenge competition. Further, those who attempt to register for both the Sprint and International races (separately) will be unable to race both events, as wave start times are specially set for this group. Only registered Triple Challenge athletes will be able to access Transition between races.
  • The entry fee for participating in the Triple Challenge is non-refundable.
  • Triple Challenge participants will utilize one race number for the entire weekend, yet receive multiple race bibs and helmet/bike stickers.
  • Triple Challenge participants begin in the same waves both Saturday and Sunday. Triple athletes rack together in transition (and utilize the same transition rack for both races on Sunday).
  • Each Triple Challenge participant will receive:
    • A SuperSprint T-shirt, swim cap, race bib number, helmet number, bike number, color-coded wristband, timing envelope/chip/strap and race bag.
    • A Transamerica Chicago Triathlon technical T-shirt, two swim caps, race bib number, helmet number, bike number, color-coded wrist band and timing envelope/chip/strap and race bag.
    • Those who officially start and finish all three events will earn commemorative “Triple Challenge” swag (TBD)
  • Awards will be given to the overall fastest three Triple Challenge participants (male and female).
  • Triple Challenge participants are not eligible for individual age group awards within the SuperSprint, Sprint or International events.

Be sure you affix the correct chip/strap to your ankle for the appropriate event, or you may not receive the correct times for one or more of the three events.

Cumulative time is tabulated from all three events, with top three female and males earning Triple Challenge awards in both Open and Masters divisions.