Bike Course Details

The Chicago Triathlon Bike Course offers participants a true tour of Chicago, starting at the scenic lakefront, tunneling underneath the bustling Loop, through the heart of the financial district, then cruising down the city’s most exclusive freeway.

The 2022 event again features a 100% traffic-free Bike Course, which now utilizes all southbound traffic lanes (closed entirely to traffic). Sprint and International distance cyclists will now enter Lake Shore Drive from the southbound Randolph Street exit ramp, located 50 yards west of the previous on-ramp.

All cyclists will ride northbound in a clockwise direction, utilizing the two westernmost lanes while staying to the left (passing on the right). Cyclists will turn around at Hollywood Avenue and proceed south, utilizing the two easternmost lanes and again staying to the left (passing on the right).  There are no Aid Stations on the Bike Course.

NOTE: Unlike other races, this event requires all bikers to STAY LEFT while on Lake Shore Drive. If passing, check behind for approaching bikers, then move to the right. Maintain four bike lengths between you and the cyclist in front of you at all times or pass within 20 seconds.

After completing one loop on Lake Shore Drive, International athletes will exit at the Wacker Drive on-ramp (contraflow) by U-Turn, proceeding to Intermediate Wacker Drive. From here, riders will STAY RIGHT, following standard traffic patterns (passing on the left) for the remainder of the course.

Participants will complete one loop of Intermediate Wacker Drive, turn-around underground at Adams Street, then proceed to Lower Columbus where they complete one lap on the McCormick Place Busway. Riders turn-around under I-55 and proceed back to Lower Randolph, shifting up one level to Intermediate Columbus and then back into Transition via Intermediate Randolph Street.

  • Distance: 24.8 miles (40 kilometers)
  • Course Limits: International participants must reach the Lake Shore Drive exit (mile 14.5) by 10:30 AM, enter the Busway (mile 18.8) by 10:50 AM and finish the entire course by 11:45 AM.

Sprint participants complete one loop of the above course, exiting Lake Shore Drive at the Randolph Street median on-ramp (contraflow) by U-Turn, then proceeding directly into Transition.

  • Distance: 15 miles (24.5 kilometers)
  • Course Limits: Sprint participants must start the Bike Course by 10:30 AM, reach the Hollywood Ave turnaround by 11:05 AM and exit Lake Shore Drive by 11:45 AM.

Athletes who are unable to complete the Bike Course in the allotted times will not be permitted onto the Run Course.

Upon completing the Bike Course, athletes will dismount their bikes at the “Dismount Line,” then proceed back into Transition on the west side of the Bike Exit. The flow for this Transition is north to south with the Run Exit near the southwest corner of Transition.

Race Officials will patrol the bike course on motorcycles, ensuring safety, proper positioning and passing among the field. Participants are asked to obey all signals and staff instruction. Penalties, including disqualification, can be assessed for noncompliance. Penalties issued need to be served at the Penalty Tent at Mile 1 on the Run Course.

A team of 12 cyclists will patrol the bike course; identified by a high-vis cycle jerseys and flashing lights. This roving Bike Support Team will assist participants with medical or mechanical issues, and continually remind cyclists to keep to the correct side of the road.

While the crew will help you finish should anything happens to you or your wheels, athletes should ensure their bike is ready to race. This means pumped tires, lubed chain, bar-end plugs, gears and breaks adjusted, and seats and handlebars properly fitted.

Bike support is not guaranteed, so athletes should be  prepared to fix their own flats.  In case of a flat, pull off to the side of the road, NOT into the middle lane. Those who cannot continue will be required to wait for the sweep vehicle.