One of the many things that makes the Chicago Triathlon a great event are the programs in place that enhance the athlete experience. From our Open Water Swim Clinics that help participants get used to the difference of swimming in the open water, our First Timers’ Program that provides newcomers with the necessary information to get them ready for race day, to our team programs that allow participants to join a group of like-minded individuals and experience the event together, we have what you need to TRI Chicago the right way.

This program was launched in 2012 to help new triathletes experience open water swimming in a safe, non-intimidating environment. These events provide participants with expert coaching, gear check, wetsuit rental opportunities, lifeguard support, and post-event socials with fellow participants and coaches.

The Life Time Chicago Triathlon First-Timers’ Program is a special athlete development program designed to alleviate traditional intimidation, build athletic confidence and provide a calm racing environment for aspiring triathletes. The program launched in 2014, reaching sell-out capacity every season and achieving a near-perfect finisher rate.

The Life Time Chicago Triathlon is proud to partner with so many great charities that give you the opportunity to race for a cause. If you’re passionate about our partners, consider supporting their cause by joining their team and dedicating your race to helping others. Many of these organizations offer their own full-service training programs.

We are so excited for the return of this amazing event and we cannot wait for you to be a part of it. Our tri club program is a complimentary program that rewards tri teams and clubs through special marketing opportunities, coaching outreach, and complimentary race weekend amenities.

Our corporate wellness program is a complimentary program, open to for-profit or non-profit corporations and municipalities. Non-employees (i.e. friends and family members of employees) are not eligible for participation.