100_club_logoThe 100 Club Challenge is a special race within a race competition during the Chicago Triathlon weekend, held each August in downtown Chicago. Originally known as the First Responders’ Competition, the program began in 2007 as a friendly wager among seven members of the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Office of the FBI. Since then, the competition has hosted more than 1,000 participants from more than 24 agencies across the country. The Chicago Triathlon is the world‘s largest multisport event, having welcomed more than 250,000 triathletes across the finish line since 1983. This is truly Where the World Comes to Race.


In 2016, this special competition has been renamed on behalf of the Chicago Triathlon’s new partnership with The 100 Club of Chicago. The purpose of this organization is to provide for the surviving spouses and dependents of law enforcement officers, firefighters and paramedics who lose their lives in the
line of duty. This includes federal, state, county and local officers, firefighters and paramedics stationed in both Cook and Lake Counties.

Through both public donations and private fundraising efforts, the program plans to generate more than $25,000 in direct contributions to the 100 Club of Chicago during the 2018 season. There are two ways to participate in the 100 Club Challenge: as a First Responder, or as a civilian fundraiser.


All active duty First Responders will be integrated into the 100 Club Challenge, the ultimate test of mettle between two teams: Police vs. Fire. Teams will consist of:

POLICE: Local, state and federal law enforcement, including FBI, CIA and all military personnel
FIRE: Local and regional reghters, paramedics and auxiliary EMS personnel

The winning team will earn the 100 Club Challenge trophy, as well as present an oversized promotional check to the 100 Club, on their team’s behalf, during the Chicago Triathlon awards ceremony.

NOTE: Civilians (non active duty personnel, 100 Club members, beneciary families, etc.) are encouraged to support the 100 Club through participation as an official charity team participant. Read more below.

The 100 Club Challenge winner is determined points, awarded through both participation and competition:

PARTICIPATION: Each participant earns team points by simply crossing the finish line. The number of participation points directly correlates to the race distance: International: 3 points, Sprint: 2 points, Relays: 1 point per team.
COMPETITION: The fastest 20 finishers in the International and Sprint distances will earn points for their team. Points allocations consist of: 1st place: 20 points, 2nd place: 19 points, 3rd place: 18 points and so on through 20th place (1 point).

The fastest 10 teams in the Relay competition will also earn points for their team. These point allocations consist of: 1st place: 10 points, 2nd place: 9 points, 3rd place: 8 points and so on through 10th place (1).

All points will be tallied following the event, with the team earning the most points crowned the winner. Additionally, the top three performing female and males from each team within each race distance will earn awards, as well as the top three overall fastest relay teams


Members of the general public are encouraged to support the 100 Club by enrolling as official charity team participants during race registration. All non active duty personnel (including 100 Club members, beneficiary families and the general public) are encouraged to raise a minimum of $250 for the organization prior to the event. Once registered, 100 Club of Chicago staff will reach out with further instructions.

All civilian participants receive the same race day perks as the First Responders, including private start/finish areas, transition racks and charity wave starts (although separate from First Responders).


All participants, active duty and civilians alike, may enroll as individual participants (Sprint or International distance) or as part of 2-3 person relay teams (International distance only). Follow these steps to register:


  1. Register for the Chicago Triathlon
  2. Select one of the following race options:
    • International – Age Group
    • Sprint – Age Group
    • International – Relay
  3. Select “First Responders” on the Division question
  4. Indicate your branch of service and preferred Team
  5. Consider your fundraising goals (not required)


  1. Register for the Chicago Triathlon
  2. Select one of the following race options:
    • International – Age Group
    • Sprint – Age Group
    • International – Relay
  3. Select “Age Group” on the Division question
  4. Start planning your fundraising initiatives


There is no additional cost to enter this competition beyond typical event registration fees.

Each member of a relay team will need to sign up for the event. The first team member to sign up will become the team captain, create the team name and pay the team’s entry fee. All 100 Club Challenge participants receive complimentary race day perks, including priority wave starts, dedicated transition racks and VIP team tents in the start and finish areas.
All participants must attend a mandatory Course Talk prior to receiving their race packet at the Multisport & Fitness Expo during race weekend. There is no race day packet pick up.

All 100 Club Challenge participants must provide proof of eligibility in the form of agency or ID credentials.Beyond the overall team award, 100 Club Challenge awards will be presented to the top three overall female and male participants from both Police and Fire within the individual Sprint, individual International and Relay (International) distances.

Due to the special race benefits, participants in the 100 Club Challenge are only eligible for awards within this special competition. They are not eligible to receive standard Age Group awards.

Anyone with questions regarding the 100 Club Challenge, including eligibility, registration or general race weekend logistics are welcome to contact chicagotri@ltevents.zendesk.com.