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Tri for a cause

Save The Children
Team Save the Children is our international endurance program that provides athletes the opportunity to take on a personal challenge while raising funds for our programs. By becoming a part of our team, you receive a guaranteed entry into an event seen below, a training program to get you race ready, fantastic swag to wear with pride, a chance to win VIP incentives, special race experiences, and the chance to bring a better future for children.

With your help, we will ensure:

  • No child dies from preventable causes
  • All children learn from a quality basic education
  • Violence against children is no longer tolerated

Contact team@savechildren.org to pre-register.

Team Bright Side

> Visit website

Team Bright Side was founded to demonstrate the power of the human spirit to overcome any obstacle.

We’re more than a charity funding cancer research for kids. We’re a community of individuals dedicated to a mindset of grit, perseverance, and the unified understanding that even in our darkest moments we can embrace the bright side. Please consider joining our team at https://www.teambrightside.com/athlete

We have raised over $1,100,000 and this will be our 7thyear competing in the Chicago Triathlon having trained over 420 athletes, both adults and kids, to a 100% successful completion rate.

Our fundraising goes to cutting edge of pediatric blood cancer research. This includes CAR-T immunotherapy and being a part of the first ever FDA approved treatment that uses a patient’s own genetically modified cells to attack the cancer- a true breakthrough. Please consider donating at www.teambrightside.com