2021 cbdMD Chicago Triathlon

AUGUST 28-29, 2021

As we look to brighter days ahead, we are scheduling our event for August 28-29, 2021.

Registration opening in Spring 2021. Stay tuned to our social media and website for more details!

Register for Saturday’s Events

Register for Sunday’s Events


The Chicago Triathlon offers a variety of distances for kids and adults alike. Race weekend consists of five stand-alone triathlons, including the Life Time Kids Tri Chicago, SuperSprint and the Chicago Triathlon Sprint and International races. The Triple Challenge is our sixth event, consisting of three races unto itself.

Juniors (7-10 years) 100 meters
0.06 miles
3.5 km
2.2 miles
1 km
0.62 miles
4.6 km
2.82 miles
Seniors (11-14 years) 200 m
0.12 miles
7 km
4.4 miles
2 km
1.24 miles
9.2 km
5.64 miles


SuperSprint 375 meters
0.23 miles
10 km
6.2 miles
2.5 km
1.5 miles
12.9 km
7.9 miles
Sprint 750 m
0.47 miles
24 km
15 miles
5 km
3.1 miles
29.75 km
18.57 miles
International / Olympic 1,500 m
0.93 miles
40 km
24.8 miles
10 km
6.2 miles
51.5 km
31.93 miles
Triple Challenge
(all 3 above)
2,615 m
1.63 miles
74.5 km
46.3 miles
17.5 km
10.85 miles
96.12 km
58.79 miles


The Chicago Triathlon is far from a one-size-fits-all event, as athletes now have the ability to decide how competitive they wish to be and/or whom they start alongside. The event offers a variety of special programs and competitions, each designed to accommodate participants of every ability, interest level and goal. During the registration process, registrants must select from one of the following “Divisions:”


Division Capacity Level Participating Race Distance
Competitive Age Group * n/a All Levels Kids, Sprint or International
First Timers’ Program 300 Beginner Sprint or International
Divvy Wave 100 All SuperSprint
Relay Teams 100 All Kids, Sprint or International
Premier Amateur/Masters 50 Advanced International
Triple Challenge 175 Advanced SuperSprint + Sprint + International
Clydesdales/Athenas 200 All Sprint or International
First Responders 100 All Sprint or International
Mountain Bike 150 All Sprint or International
Collegiate 150 All Sprint or International

* Competitive Age Group is the default classification for all participants.


Once the distance and division are known, it’s time to get registered. Registration opens November 1 at 12:00 p.m. CT. Separate links will be available for Saturday races (Kids’ Triathlon or SuperSprint) and Sunday races (Sprint and International).

All Registrants Receive

  • Custom finisher medal for all participants
  • High-quality custom gender-specific event T-shirt
  • Awards 3 deep for male and female age groups
  • Locally-themed, post-race food
  • Fantastic aid stations
  • Chip timing
  • Post race party with live music
  • Post race beer (for the adults)!
  • Closed and certified race course


Coucil-for-Responsible-SportThe 2018 Chicago Triathlon is committed to being environmentally and socially sustainable. In 2012, the race earned certification as a sustainable race by the Council for Responsible Sport and was recognized as a green event by the Chicago Park District. This year we are applying for recertification.

Initiatives include:

  • Recycling and composting in transition, at the swim start, on the course and at the finish festival
  • Sourcing local food and beverages
  • Minimizing our carbon and water footprints
  • Donating unused food to charity
  • Reusing signage and other materials
  • Recycling race bibs and swim caps
  • Supporting local charities

We encourage participants to help by:

  • Carpooling or using public transportation to get to and from the race
  • Using your own hydration system on the run to minimize paper cup waste and conserve water
  • Using the recycling, compost and landfill bins provided
  • Supporting our charities

The race is committed to respecting and including athletes and volunteers of all ability, and not discrimination on the basis of age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, race or religion. If you have comments or suggestions for how we can strengthen our commitment to sustainability and equity, please email us.