The Chicago Triathlon is proud to have Illinois Bone and Joint Institute (IBJI) as a sponsor. IBJI provides athletes with specialized treatment of many sports-related injuries. IBJI sports medicine specialists are able to provide superior care for the elite athlete as well as the high school, recreational, or weekend warrior athletes.

At IBJI, athletes have access to Licensed Physical Therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers that can provide expedited, sports-specific rehabilitation to return athletes back to competition with improved performance levels prior to injury.

IBJI Services Available include:

Physical Therapy
IBJI is dedicated to helping you regain mobility, strength and full function – and reduce the risk of future injury. Our Physical Therapists work with you to establish clear goals, then design a customized treatment plan in close collaboration with your referring physician.

Sports Rehabilitation
The post injury program is designed for an active population that requires performance and conditioning beyond the activities for daily living. Evidence based protocols will focus on reduce risk of re-injury, increasing strength, explosiveness, deceleration, change of direction, and power.

Complimentary Injury Screenings
An evaluation performed by a Licensed Physical Therapist (PT) or Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC). The clinician will explain the extent of the injury and educate the player/parents on a treatment protocol. Schedule a Complimentary Injury Screening.

Sports Medicine Physician Access
Amateur, semi-professional and professional teams alike have chosen IBJI for their sports medicine needs. Whether you are looking for general sports injury care, orthopedic surgery, or urgent injury care, IBJI Sports Medicine physicians are here to help you.

For additional information on IBJI Sports Medicine specialists and locations services offered, please visit

Not sure which specialist would be right for you? Email us at and we can help coordinate care with a physician that would be best for your needs.

OrthoAccess is a walk-in clinic designed to treat things like simple fractures, sprains, strains, work and sports injuries quickly and affordably. OrthoAccess is staffed by certified IBJI orthopedic specialists supported by advanced diagnostic technology. Many locations offer hours six days per week. For additional information on IBJI’s OrthoAccess clinics, please visit

Sports Access App
Got an injury on the field? Download the free IBJI Sports Access app to request a complimentary injury screening, performed by a licensed physical therapist or certified athletic trainer. You can also find IBJI’s OrthoAccess immediate care clinics – for injuries that can’t wait, but don’t necessarily require a trip to the emergency room. Search for IBJI in the App Store or Google Play.