Safety & Security Measures

The safety of our athletes, volunteers, spectators, and staff, are at the forefront of this great event.

Race weekend safety requires all athletes, spectators, volunteers and staff to abide by a variety of special timelines, access points and security processes. Please review the following prior to race weekend:

The Chicago Triathlon Transition Area is designated as a secured zone. In order for athletes to enter their respective Transition area, all bags/equipment are subject to search by police, security personnel and/or official Race Staff.

  • Please exercise common sense and maintain possession of bags while outside of Transition at all times.
  • Bags are not allowed along the fence. They MUST be placed in an athlete’s designated Transition space, next to their bicycle.
  • Bags cannot be dropped off on Saturday, 8/27. Drop your bag on race morning, 8/28 only. Bikes allowed for check-in on Saturday, 8/28 between 2:00 pm-6:00 pm
  • Unattended bags left outside the Transition area will be treated as a possible threat.

All weekend races utilize the EAS system, encompassing a color-coded chart to reveal current event conditions. Participants will notice flags posted in the Expo, within Transition, at Swim Start,  throughout the race venues and at each Run Course Aid Station. The EAS system is developed to help athletes understand changing race conditions due to weather-related, environmental or other man-made situations. EAS updates will be communicated through public address alerts, social media posts, web, email, etc.

Medical Tents will be located at each event’s Swim Start and Exit, inside Transition, at each Aid Station and at the Finish Line. Medical Tents will supply basic First Aid support during the entire race. Medical Tents are also located at each Aid Station, and medical staff will be roaming the entire race venue, including the Bike Course. Should race day conditions be warmer than usual, be sure to hydrate sufficiently and pace wisely.

IMPORTANT! All participants must complete the medical emergency contact information on the back of the bib. In the event of a medical emergency, contact race personnel, visit a Medical Tent or call the Emergency Hotline listed on the back of the bib: 1-888-543-3133.

Additionally, this event utilizes Race Guards – a unique set of race volunteers whose sole purpose is to keep an eye out for participants who may need assistance along the course. Race Guards provide supplementary medical support to the existing medical plan for an added level of race participant safety by running along side the participants. They will patrol the course and help out where needed, and are easily identifiable with red medical bibs.

In the event of severe weather, course accidents or other safety related incidents, the Race Director may request the race site and course be EVACUATED. Course evacuation orders will be communicated to all present via public address system and social media alerts. If an order to evacuate is made, staff and volunteers will direct participants and spectators to these designated locations along the course:

  • Race Start/Finish | Hilton Hotel: 720 South Michigan Ave
  • Swim Course | Hilton Hotel
  • Transition | Millennium Park Garage: Columbus Dr/Monroe St
  • Bike Course: Randolph to North Ave | Millennium Park Garage
  • Bike: North Ave to Belmont | Notebaert Museum: 2430 N Cannon
  • Bike: Belmont to Hollywood | Immaculata H.S. 640 N Irving Park
  • Run Course: Transition to Balbo | Millennium Park Garage
  • Run Course: Balbo to Waldron | Hilton Hotel
  • Run Course: Waldron to 31st St | McCormick Place West Tunnel