SuperSprint & Kids Tri Race Information

The Life Time Kids Tri Chicago and the Chicago Triathlon SuperSprint are held at Foster Beach on Saturday, August 27. While Sunday participants must visit the Multisport & Fitness Expo, Saturday participants have the option to pick-up their packets on Friday, August 26 at the Hilton Chicago, or Saturday morning on-site at Foster Beach.

Friday’s Multisport & Fitness Expo will host an optional Athlete Briefing, specifically detailing both Kids and SuperSprint Tri races. These 30-minute discussions will cover event schedules, logistics and course information. Otherwise, abbreviated briefings will be held on the beach 15 minutes prior to both Kids Tri and SuperSprint starts.

Kids Tri & SuperSprint Athlete Briefing
Hilton Chicago | Continental A (Ground Floor)

Friday, August 27
4:30 p.m. SuperSprint & Kids Tri

  • Athlete race numbers will be e-mailed the week before the race. Those unable to remember may utilize the Bib Look-up Station.
  • Athletes or parents/guardians will need a valid photo ID.
  • This event is not USA Triathlon sanctioned. Athletes are not required to present a USAT card or pay a one-day license fee.
  • Volunteers will fasten wristbands on all athletes during Packet Pick-Up. Athletes MUST keep their wristbands on until after they pick up their bike from Transition on Sunday after the race.
  • One “Guardian” wristband will be presented as well, enabling parents or guardians the ability to help young athletes setup prior to the race, as well as remove the bike and gear afterward.
  • Race numbers and wristband colors correspond with assigned race distance and/or division.

The following custom items will be distributed at Packet Pick-Up:

  • Swim Cap
  • Run Bib Number
  • Athlete Wristband
  • Bike/Helmet/Gear Bag Number Stickers
  • T-Shirt
  • Goodie Bag
  • Timing Chip and Strap
  • Athletes will receive a timing chip and velcro strap. The chip should be affixed to the left ankle prior to the swim start and must be worn during the entire event to receive an official time.
  • Please ensure that timing chips are affixed tightly and correctly to avoid any timing issues.
  • Relay Team members will pass the chip to their teammate to complete the next segment within the Relay Pen area.
  • Should a chip fall-off during the race, athletes should notify race staff.
  • All timing chips must be returned to volunteers at the finish line (except for Triple Challenge participants). Failure to return the chip will result in a $50.00 replacement fee.

All Saturday participants are required to bring race gear and bikes on race morning. Athletes and Guardians (if applicable) must be wrist-banded prior to entering this secured area, and have bike frame stickers affixed. Athletes may check-into the Transition area on Saturday between:

5:30 AM – 6:45 AM
Transition open: Kids’ Tri & SuperSprint

9:00 AM – 9:45 AM
Transition open: SuperSprint check-in &  Kids Tri check-out

Arrive early, allowing for adequate time.

Those with “Guardian” wristbands will be allowed inside Transition to aid young athletes prior to the Kids’ start. Guardians are NOT allowed inside Transition during the race.


Once a bike has been checked into the Transition Area, it cannot be removed until after the race. Bike mechanics will be available to help with tire inflation and mechanical issues.

Swim Details

Once finished in Transition, athletes will proceed to the Swim Start area on the beach. Participants should plan to be in the Swim Start area at least 30 minutes prior to their dedicated wave start time, where volunteers will hold large signs representing each wave group.

All Kids Tri and SuperSprint waves will begin with a “Time Trial” start, with two athletes starting the swim (crossing a timing mat on the beach) every few seconds. Consult the Wave Start chart on the following pages for groups and estimated times.

Athletes may wear wetsuits if the water temperature is 78.0°F or below. See the Event Rules for full details.

Athletes cross a timing mat on the beach before beginning their swim from the north end of Foster Beach. All swimmers proceed clockwise along the water, completing a rectangular swim course before exiting at the south end of the beach (along the ADA ramp). Each course will be marked with separate buoys. The Swim Start and Swim Exit will be clearly marked on the beach with hard barricades and large inflatables.

Bike Details

Both SuperSprint and Kids’ Tri events feature a 100% traffic-free Bike Course. Athletes begin by exiting Transition at the south entrance and proceeding south. All cyclists ride contraflow (against the flow of traffic) on Simonds Drive until reaching the turnaround at Montrose Harbor Drive and returning to the Transition area. Junior Kids will complete (1) loop, Senior Kids (2) loops and SuperSprint athletes (3) loops before completing the Bike Course. Race Officials will monitor the course. There are no Aid Stations along the Bike Course.

NOTE! Unlike other events, this event requires all bikers to STAY TO THE LEFT. If passing, check behind for approaching bikers then move to the right. Maintain four bike lengths behind the cyclist in front of you or pass within 20 seconds.

Run Details

The Run Course is located entirely on the public pedestrian path between Foster Beach and Montrose Beach. Runners will exit Transition at the east corner, heading south contraflow (keeping to the left) until their respective turnaround point and proceed north back to the Finish Line. Three separate turnarounds will be marked with signage and Course Marshals.

Course Cut-Off Times

Neither Saturday race will enforce strict time cutoffs, although participants may be asked to abbreviate their Bike Course portion as streets will eventually be re-opened to vehicular traffic.

The Divvy Wave

The Chicago Triathlon SuperSprint will again feature a special wave of 100 Divvy bikes, part of the city’s  popular bike share program. This wave will setup in Transition as well as start together. Participants will pick-up their bike from the Divvy Pen, located inside Transition.

Bike stickers must be applied to the seat post or frame before exiting Transition, and removed following the event. Participants are not able to customize/alter their Divvy bikes for competition (ie. change wheels, pedals), and all event rules apply to the Divvy wave.

Participants MUST bring their own helmet in order to ride the course. Special awards will be provided to the top three male and female participants at the SuperSprint Awards Ceremony. Divvy participants will leave the bikes in Transition following the event.

Additional Information

Water, Gatorade Endurance and portolets will be available at all Aid Stations. Please make sure to bring your own hydration with you for the Bike leg. There are NO AID STATIONS ON THE BIKE COURSE.

On-course Aid Stations will be located at the entrance of Transition, at the Run Out chute and at the 1k run turnaround. Water, bananas, chips and Gatorade Endurance will be served at the Finish Line.

What to do when you cross the Finish Line? Throw those arms up and SMILE! The paparazzi are waiting. As a reminder, only the Relay Team runner will cross the Finish Line, thus receiving their finisher medal in the Finish Chute. Remaining team members can report to the Results Tent within the Finish Festival to receive their medals.

Under the idea of safety and fairness, families and spectators must remain off the race course, and may not enter the Transition area or the Finish Line chute at any time. Please be respectful of all participants. Event Staff may disqualify any athlete who brings family or friends into Transition or through the Finish Chute.

Bikes and equipment may be removed from the Transition area once all athletes have completed the Bike Course. Athletes (and/or Guardians) will need their bib number/wristband to reclaim their bike from the Transition area after the race.

All finishers will receive a Finisher’s Medal, with top performing individuals in all Competitive divisions earning additional awards. The Kids’ Tri Awards Ceremony begins at 10:00 AM at the Finish Festival stage, followed by the SuperSprint Tri Awards at 11:30 AM. Awards will be issued to these top three female and male finishers:

Kids Tri: Jr Age Groups (7-8, 9-10), Sr Age Groups (11-12, 13-14), Paratri (Ambulatory, Wheelchair, V.I.), Relays (Female/Male/CoEd)

SuperSprint Tri: Overall, Divvy Wave, Age Groups (19 & Under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 & Over), Paratri (Ambulatory, Wheelchair, V.I.), Relays (Female/Male/CoEd)

Spectators will be able to see their athletes at nearly all points along the course. Remember, parents, non-race personnel and spectators are not permitted to assist athletes in any way. Triathlon is an individual sport. Those who receive outside assistance (of any type) receive an unfair advantage.

In most situations, if athletes are seen accepting assistance, they are subject to penalties or disqualification. Families and spectators must stay off the course, and may not enter the Transition area or the Finish Line chute. Please be respectful of all participants. Children and pets should be supervised at all times.

Marathon Photo will provide race photography for purchase before, during and after the race. Be sure your race numbers (race tattoos, bike and bib numbers) are visible at all times so you can be identified. Photos will be posted on Monday.

Limited race day parking is available at both the Wilson and Montrose parking pay lots, both easily accessible from Lake Shore Drive. Limited free as well as metered street parking is available along Lawrence and Wilson Avenues.


Lost items should be turned-in or claimed at the Information Tent, located across from Transition. Unclaimed items will be donated after 30 days to a local charity.

Should parents and children become separated, please alert race staff who will communicate throughout the venue. Various tents will serve as safe locations for children until they can be reunited with their parents. Parents, be sure to wear the provided Guardian wristband and listen for PA announcements for youth athletes or children that need reuniting.