Training & Injury Prevention


As participation levels in the sport of triathlon continue to grow, so does the need to properly educate, motivate and physically prepare these new audiences. This sport may be a bit more complex than others, but it does not have to be intimidating.

For these reasons, Life Time is proud to provide a wide variety of resources dedicated to helping you meet all of your triathlon goals — whether it be finishing your first race or setting a long-standing personal best. We love triathlon and are committed to sharing this passion with the hope that you will love it, too. From complimentary educational sessions and first-timer clinics to full-fledged group training programs, we cover it all.

Jumpstart your training with FREE training plans from Life Time Tri! Choose your distance and download your plan below:

*Please note that these types of training plans are not necessarily one size fits all. If you are looking for a more customized plan, please connect with a Life Time Tri Team coach below!

Are you thinking about participating in a triathlon or have you already registered but are overwhelmed at the thought of how to prepare? Life Time Tri Team coaches are here to help. Whether your goal is to compete for a podium spot or simply to finish your first race with a smile on your face, our coaches have the knowledge, experience, and passion for the sport to help you succeed.

Life Time Tri Series events enjoy a healthy partnership with Life Time Fitness and their certified coaching experts, led by world-famous athlete and coach, Troy Jacobson. Life Time Fitness has long been at the forefront of personal training and endurance coaching excellence, and a quality coach should offer the perfect balance of guidance and support as you prepare for your event.

Visit the link below to find a coach or program that works for you.

If you’ve ever wanted to try a tri, this is where to start. The 60-minute indoor workout will feature a 10-minute pool swim, 30-minute spin on a bike, 20-minute treadmill run and is the perfect way to kick-start your triathlon training. The indoor triathlon is based on time rather than distance — meaning you receive points for going further in a specific period of time, not going faster over a fixed distance. Participants are graded on a curve.

All Indoor Tri participants will receive:

  • “Triathlete” Indoor Tri lifestyle shirt
  • Race bib
  • Swim cap
  • Additional great offers from Life Time for members and guests
  • Results posted online

Athletes of all abilities from beginner to experienced are invited. Indoor Tri events are open to both members and non-members of Life Time Fitness.

*Video depicts 2015 Indoor Triathlon, Powered by Life Time Tri and IRONMAN

Looking for an iconic destination race? Curious what the Chicago Triathlon experience is all about? Ready to start training? Watch our webinar recording for an insider’s perspective.

This webinar covers a variety of topics, including:
  1. Swim, Bike & Run Course overviews
  2. Race-day logistics
  3. Upcoming Swim Clinics
  4. Training programs
  5. Travel tips and more!


The Life Time Chicago Triathlon is proud to have Illinois Bone and Joint Institute (IBJI) as a sponsor. IBJI provides athletes with specialized treatment of many sports-related injuries. IBJI sports medicine specialists are able to provide superior care for the elite athlete as well as the high school, recreational, or weekend warrior athletes.

At IBJI, athletes have access to Licensed Physical Therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers that can provide expedited, sports-specific rehabilitation to return athletes back to competition with improved performance levels prior to injury. IBJI services include the following:

IBJI is dedicated to helping you regain mobility, strength, and full function – and reduce the risk of future injury. Our Physical Therapists work with you to establish clear goals, then design a customized treatment plan in close collaboration with your referring physician.

Amateur, semi-professional and professional teams alike have chosen IBJI for their sports medicine needs. Whether you are looking for general sports injury care, orthopedic surgery, or urgent injury care, IBJI Sports Medicine physicians are here to help you.

Not sure which specialist would be right for you? Email them at or visit the link below and they can help coordinate care with a physician that would be best for your needs.

The post-injury program is designed for an active population that requires performance and conditioning beyond the activities for daily living. Evidence-based protocols will focus on reducing the risk of re-injury, increasing strength, explosiveness, deceleration, change of direction, and power.

OrthoAccess is a walk-in clinic designed to treat things like simple fractures, sprains, strains, work, and sports injuries quickly and affordably. OrthoAccess is staffed by certified IBJI orthopedic specialists supported by advanced diagnostic technology. Many locations offer hours six days per week.

An evaluation performed by a Licensed Physical Therapist (PT) or Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC). The clinician will explain the extent of the injury and educate the player/parents on a treatment protocol. Schedule a Complimentary Injury Screening via the link below.

Got an injury on the field? Download the free IBJI Sports Access app to request a complimentary injury screening, performed by a licensed physical therapist or certified athletic trainer. You can also find IBJI’s OrthoAccess immediate care clinics – for injuries that can’t wait, but don’t necessarily require a trip to the emergency room. Search for IBJI in the App Store or Google Play.