Transition Access

All participants are required to rack their bikes and place racing gear inside the Transition area prior to starting their event. Bikes may be racked on either Saturday or Sunday. Race gear must be placed on Sunday morning.

As a convenience, all Sprint, International or Triple Challenge participants have the option to rack their bikes on Saturday between 2:00 – 6:00 PM (bikes only, no bags). Large bike and/or wheel bags or covers are not allowed, and will be removed by race staff. Athletes must be wristbanded, with bike labels affixed, prior to entry. See Transition Map for details. Overnight security is provided.

Regardless of when bikes were racked, participants are required to bring race gear and pump bike tires on Sunday morning.  As always, athletes must be wrist-banded prior to entering this secured area.   Athletes may access the Transition area on Sunday between:

4:00 AM – 5:45 AM | Open to all participants

6:30 AM – 8:00 AM | Open to Sprint participants only

NOTE: Police and security officials will be checking backpacks, duffle bags, drawstring bags, or similar bags at the Transition entrance. Arrive early. Allow for adequate time to complete the process.

Transition will close promptly at 5:45 AM for all Sprint and International Participants. A separate, late check-in option is available to Sprint athletes ONLY from 6:30 – 8:00 AM using a special East Gate.


  • Athletes are not permitted to ride bikes into or out of the Transition area.
  • Walk or run alongside the bike while in the Transition area.
  • There will be clearly marked Mount and Dismount lines outside of Transition.
    • Please obey them for safety reasons and watch for other athletes when moving through Transition.
  • Follow the instructions of race officials and volunteers.
  • For safety reasons, athletes are encouraged to store their belongings in the clear gear check bags provided at the expo or outside of transition.

Only one participant on each relay team will be allowed to enter Transition (whomever is completing the bike segment). The Swim and Run participants will pass their timing chip to their teammates outside of the Transition area, at a special Relay Pen located immediately adjacent to the Swim In/Run Out area. See the Transition map for exact locations.

  • Once the bike has been checked into the Transition area, athletes may NOT remove the bike until beginning the Bike leg.
  • When inside Transition, participants should locate their designated wave number using the directional signs. Each wave will utilize 10-15 bike racks, where athletes should rack accordingly. Spaces are first-come, first-served. Individual spaces are not pre-assigned.
  • Bikes should be racked by the seat or handlebars. Bike positions should alternate every-other side of the rack, with approximately five bikes on each side of the 10’ bike rack.
  • Personal items should be placed immediately under their bike.
  • Athletes are not allowed to personally mark their space with balloons, inflatables, or any other markers.
  • No stationary trainers will be allowed in the Transition area.
  • No glass containers are allowed in the Transition area.
  • Bike number stickers will be checked against bib numbers and wristbands before bikes are permitted to exit Transition.
  • Race Staff, Security and Volunteers will close and secure Transition during the race to ensure security.
  • Bike tech support will be provided by BFF Bikes in Transition on Sunday, as well as along the race course.
  • Be courteous to fellow Athletes, event Volunteers and Staff. Unsportsmanlike conduct will lead to disqualification.